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Understanding Your Relationship with Money

Where did you learn how to manage your money? What is your relationship to money? At the Millionaire Mind Intensive, these two questions were the start of an incredible journey to rediscover myself and get my life on track to be exactly what I wanted to live. When I signed up for the course I was searching to understand why I had repeated trouble in relationships regarding money and needed help understanding what I could not see. The problem existing with multiple partners was a sign that I needed to look at the constant in those relationships, myself.

On the very first day I journaled, “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. This class is depth work on yourself as much as it is about your money blueprint.” That blueprint can be summarized simply as how you think, feel and act around money. I’ve never put much time into thinking about that and sitting next to people, talking about what I’m afraid of, as well as hearing what they were afraid of was an amazing experience. I didn’t feel attacked or judged. In fact, began to not feel alone in my struggle to understand my relationship to money. It was something else. It was support. I began to realize that I didn’t feel trusted with money growing up, in my marriage or the relationship that followed it. I really felt like I was treated like I wasn’t good enough at managing what I did have. I was living the middle-class American dream and was still told to do less of what I enjoyed and spend less on what I was most passionate about. At the time I didn’t have a structured budget and I’d stretch myself further than I should once in a while. Not a major issue in my opinion, but I could’ve certainly done better. During class I began to understand that my way of paying for everything out of one account was not helping me in managing my finances. I also needed to pay more attention to what my debts were as well as the money I had coming in. Ultimately, I needed to be a better student of my results. If I can only do what I know, my results were going to continue to show more of the same. Learning the money management system at the MMI with “jars” to divide my paychecks into has been huge for me. It’s also resulted in me opening multiple accounts to manage my Necessities, Education, Play, Giving, Long Term Savings for Spending and path to Financial Freedom. By demonstrating that I can handle what I have, I’ve actually not had the issue of over extending myself like I had before. Now I’m setting my life up for personal/ financial growth where I’m passionate and am able to give to others in a way that is meaningful to me.

As we progressed through the course, I began to see that I may not have been “taught” how to manage my money, but I did learn to manage my money by watching my parents growing up. My mother was a spender, as well as a giver. But I don’t know her reasons for why she lived, spent and gave as she did. I recognize that her reasons for doing what she was doesn’t apply to what it is I’m trying to accomplish financially, yet it’s the story I modeled has been my definition for doing what I thought I was supposed to do. Now I can take control of setting my own financial goals and include what I did model that serves my purpose moving forward.

As my emotional response to spending and avoidance of my bank statement continued to get necessary attention, I began to realize that I was not going to ever be the same after coming to this class. Being in such a supportive environment where everyone is focused on doing the work to improve themselves and their financial ability was something I was looking for when I moved to Florida. Knowledgeable trainers showing proven areas to work on to help us achieve what we wanted was a big difference maker as well. There were no boring PowerPoint slides or people falling asleep in the audience. Just engaging, motivated trainers of the class who were dedicated to giving back, creating a learning experience like no other.

This class helped me see that I was more afraid of money than I realized. Now, I am very happy to be thinking about money in a different way. Money was something that I didn’t feel trusted with and being told to do better with something I wasn’t trusted with produced this never being enough for the other person cycle. My relationship with money had been about what other people wanted for far too long. How I’m going to manage my finances is not going to be the same after the Millionaire Mind Intensive and my results are showing just that. Deciding that I needed to do something different and be better than I was is the best decision I could have made. I have stepped through my fear of failure and strongly recommend this course if you’re not quite where you want to be financially and struggle with your relationship to money. You will find the change you are looking for at the Millionaire Mind Intensive.






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